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Recognising Academic Excellence – Strong in Intellect and Strong in Character

We are proud to be recognised as one of the top colleges in New Zealand education.

In 2019, Iona College was named as one of the top six schools in New Zealand for University Entrance results following the release of data published by the NZ Qualifications Authority.

We congratulate our girls on their outstanding achievements.

We applaud the effort, grit and determination our girls have demonstrated in the achievement of their goals.

We also remember that behind every result there is a face and behind every statistic there is a story of triumph over adversity or a lesson in the benefits of hard work. And sometimes too, the learning found in a missed opportunity!

More than anything, it is the young women that Iona Girls become that make us most proud – strong in intellect and strong in character.

Level 19671
Level 210078
Level 310067
University Entrance10049