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Our Special Character

Iona has been transformed across its history, but our special character – and the essence of what it is to be an Iona girl – has remained unchanged.

We all love to belong to something bigger than ourselves. Iona is a girls boarding school like no other, our special character defines those qualities which will guide our girls through life. This special character comprises a number of unique aspects, intertwined through the life of our college.

We believe a well-rounded education embraces academic, sporting, cultural, wellbeing, leadership and spiritual elements – these are Iona’s cornerstones.

Excellent schools are committed to learning, to justice, individual achievement and wholeness. These qualities are embedded firmly in Iona’s Presbyterian heritage. Our college offers outstanding academic opportunities for girls within the context of the Protestant interpretation of the Christian faith. Iona was founded by the Presbyterian Church, but is an inter-denominational college – we welcome students from all backgrounds.

The Founders of Iona had a vision for a school with a sound, liberal educational philosophy: one that placed young women at the centre of learning. As society evolves, so too will our concept of a sound and liberal education, but it will continue to be based on a foundation that rewards curiosity, nurtures a love of learning, and inspires our students to achieve excellence. Iona has always remained agile and responsive to change, and this continues to be reflected in our school curriculum and methods.