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Iona College once again congratulates students on their excellent NCEA results.

In 2017, 98% of Year 11 students gained Level 1, 100% of the Year 12 cohort gained Level 2, and in Year 13 our achievement rate was 97.3%, for both Level 3 and University Entrance.

Mrs Julie Shears, Joint Acting Principal, says that compared with NCEA achievement nationally and with other schools of a similar decile level, Iona College’s percentages are outstanding and reflect the importance placed on academic achievement at the school.

“Our students are encouraged to aim for the best results possible,” says Mrs Shears. “Our teachers work hard to provide a rigorous learning environment where all students have the opportunity to excel and to gain qualifications that will allow them to pursue education at a higher level and to follow their chosen career paths. Our option choices reflect the diversity of interests among the young people of today and we acknowledge the diligence and commitment required to reach the goals students set for themselves. We commend our Iona students for their consistent effort and wonderful achievement.”

The college celebrated this outstanding success last Friday at our Academic Assembly and we recognised those who had reached a higher level of excellence with the awarding of academic colours.

At Iona academic colours are awarded to those students who achieve 50 or more Excellence credits in NCEA at their appropriate level of study. Students who are awarded Colours receive a silver Merit badge. Set into this badge are stones of different colours which correspond to the Colours awarded.

Academic – Purple

Sports – Green

Cultural – Amber

Congratulations to the following students:

Academic Colours

Level 1

Sophie Broome
Isla Clarke
Zillah Daysh
Mai Feldborg
Josie Free
Bella Greig
Lexie Heaphy
Georgia Lawson
Kate Manahi
Kate Mirams
Katelyn Nichols
Hannah Perry-Purchas
Paris Vlaanderen
Phoebe Williams
Grace Wilton
Grace Windhager (re-awarded)

Level 2

Mya Chan
Xin Yi Chen
Allie Chesterman
Imogen Daysh
Victoria Lamb
Benz Lertchanvit
Sophia Lourie
Lucy Manahi
Ashlee Matches
Emmie Mulinder
Caitlin Roberts
Matilda Shotter Davies
Isabella Smith
Denby-Rose Tait
Priyanka Trivedi

Level 3

Kelci Alderton-Armstrong
Claire Downey
Claire Gordon
Aimee Pitcher
Jessica Smith
Payton Wilson

We also extended special congratulations to those who were awarded Scholarship in Year 13, our Principal’s Scholar and Special Scholarship winners in the Junior School

Year 13 Scholarship

Gemma Burnside (Outstanding Scholarship – Technology)*
Claire Gordon (Outstanding Scholarship – Technology)*
Aimee Pitcher (Scholarship – Painting)

*Only 10 Outstanding Technology Scholarships were awarded in 2017 placing Iona Girls in the top 2% of New Zealand.

Principal’s Scholar

– awarded to the Year 12 student who achieved the highest overall achievement in 2017 NCEA.   
Imogen Daysh

Scholarship Winners in the Junior School

Intermediate Academic Scholarship (Year 7) – Molly Lawson
IOGA Academic Scholarship (Year 9) – Henrietta Scott
Music Scholarship (Year 9) – Jess Klingender