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A Stormy Night in the Dell

Our annual Shakespeare in the Dell event, held in St Martin’s Dell this year proved to be another crowd pleaser. Many of our families and their extended families came and sat on the hill amongst the rose petals to watch an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Shakespeare draws heavily on magic in The Tempest. Indeed, it is often described as Shakespeare’s most magical play. Magic in The Tempest takes many different forms and is represented variously throughout the play.

The Year 7 and 8 girls embraced the challenge to learn their lines and develop their characters in little over two weeks. They accepted the challenge with great gusto and presented a stellar performance. It was a beautiful night (with only a few raindrops) filled with mystery and wonder and lots of giggles and participation on the audience’s behalf.

Well done to the very talented cast and our Director of Performing Arts Lisa-Jane Easter.
Special thanks also to Lea Feldborg for her assistance and the generosity of our staff and parents who helped with costumes and make-up.