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Equestrian education has become an integral part of our competitive and recreational sports programme with an increasing number of students taking the reins.

At Iona, riders of all levels are participating across disciplines including dressage, show jumping, in-hand and polo.

Iona Equestrian

In 2019, we are delighted to offer you a new and improved IONA EQUESTRIAN PROGRAMME in partnership with Christen Lane, one of New Zealand’s top eventing talents.

The IONA EQUESTRIAN experience will continue to offer a year-round comprehensive programme, providing riders across all levels access to their horses during the school term as well as professional mentoring and training to develop their riding and horsemanship skills.

Agistment and coaching facilities are available within a short 10-minute journey from Iona College.

Saddle Up

The ‘Iona Equestrian – Saddle Up’ lease and lesson programme is also available for those girls who do not have their own horse but are interested in learning to ride.

In addition to, and as important as rider development, is personal development

Being part of a like-minded team, which supports each member, no matter what level of ability and experience is a core part of the programme.

Girls will be encouraged to set attainable goals to extend their riding abilities. Individual success will be celebrated within the group. Principles of sportsmanship, courtesy, dedication, and personal responsibility will develop the girls’ character.

For more information contact the Iona College Director of Sport.