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Academic Excellence

Iona maintains an enviable tradition of academic achievement.

Quality learning outcomes should be a central concern and responsibility for all schools – Iona’s approach to this responsibility is to promote and operate within an atmosphere of high academic expectations. Our structures and curriculum offerings are agile and responsive to the needs of 21st Century learners. It is what our teachers know, do and care about which is most powerful in the learning equation.

Intermediate School

The Intermediate School forms a very important phase between Primary and Secondary School and we help girls to bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood.

This is a time when students question their sense of identity and how they fit into the world.

Junior School

All Year 9 and 10 students in New Zealand schools are required to study core subjects such as English, Maths, Science, Social Studies as well as Health and Physical education.

In addition, we offer a range of different options for your child to choose from, including Technology, Arts, and languages other than English.

Senior School

The academic programme prepares students to attend universities, polytechnics and other tertiary training institutions in New Zealand and overseas.

Learning choices are flexible and as students move through their years at school they are able to determine the path best suited to their needs.


Iona College has an extensive range of sporting opportunities for girls of all fitness levels and abilities.

Sport is compulsory to Year 12 to encourage good health, fun, fitness and self-confidence. Regular participation in sporting activities helps to develop social skills, leadership, teamwork and the drive for excellence. Sport is a significant part of our special character, and we strive to have highly competitive teams across all sports.

Performing Arts and Cultural

Performing arts education develops many valuable skills in young people, from self-confidence through to fine motor skills. It also teaches the appreciation of performance and expression and ignites the imagination.

Iona is the ideal school for any girl with creativity, enthusiasm and talent. As well as offering girls the opportunity to explore a wide range of visual and performing arts, we have facilities that rival professional studios and venues.

Iona attracts teachers recognised for their expertise, and girls enjoy regular opportunities to see professional performances and to learn from world-renowned authors, musicians and artists.


Iona Girls learn the importance of making a positive difference in the community and how small actions can greatly enrich the lives of others

Our service programme has a “head, hands and heart’ approach.

The aim is to connect the head and the heart through the experience of walking with people who, simply through life’s chance, have not been granted the privileges that some of us share

Iona girls are willing and active participants in meaningful service activities in the wider community.

Servicelearningenrichesthegiver and the receiver.Bygivingtoandsupportingcommunity groups, our girls learn the character-enhancing qualities of care, charity and compassion.

Wellbeing and Engagement

At Iona we talk about developing the whole girl. It is an expression of our belief that developing a girls character is as important as fostering her intellect

After all, it is the whole girl who will eventually leave school and embark on life’s journey. How well prepared she is may well determine her success in life and her ability to contribute as a global citizen. The future of our girls depends on what we do today. Our wellbeing strategy is a preventative approach. We believe a wellbeing strategy is one of the hallmarks of a great school.

The ethical responsibility of teachers, leaders and the governors of Iona is to consider, promote, balance and respond to all aspects of the student, including their physical, social, emotional, academic and spiritual needs. These considerations require deliberate expression and action across all curriculum areas, pastoral care, strategic priorities and teaching practices. Student wellbeing is not only an ethical and moral obligation for teachers, leaders and trustees but also a legal responsibility (Education Review Office – Wellbeing for success: a resource for schools).

A student’s level of wellbeing at school is indicated by their satisfaction with life at school, their engagement with learning and their social-emotional behaviour. It is enhanced when evidence-informed practices are adopted by schools in partnership with families/whanau and community.

Optimal student wellbeing is a sustainable state, characterised by predominantly positive feelings and attitude, positive relationships at school, resilience, self-optimism and a high level of satisfaction with learning experiences. Our job is to prepare Iona girls for a world about which we know little. But what we do know is that a degree and good academic results will not be enough to secure their future. Iona graduates will have to demonstrate that they have character and not just intellect. This is where learning and wellbeing truly become inextricably linked.


Equestrian education has become an integral part of our competitive and recreational sports programme with an increasing number of students taking the reins. At Iona, riders of all levels are participating across disciplines including dressage, show jumping, in-hand and polo.

For those who ride either competitively or for fun, being able to have their horse or pony close to them while at boarding school is a huge advantage.

In 2019, we are delighted to offer you a new and improved IONA EQUESTRIAN PROGRAMME in partnership with Christen Lane, one of New Zealand’s top eventing talents.

The Iona Equestrian experience offers a year-round comprehensive programme, providing riders across all levels access to their horses during the school term as well as professional mentoring and training to develop their riding and horsemanship skills.


Life’s lessons are learnt in  and beyond  the classroom.

Iona’s extensive range of co-curricular experiences in sports, culture and the arts, encourage leadership, teamwork and personal growth. Our girls are able to explore new opportunities and confidently express themselves as individuals.