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Iona Old Girls’ Association

Being an Iona girl doesn’t stop at graduation.

We take enormous pride in the achievements of Iona’s Old Girls as they make their mark in every walk of life – across the length and breadth of New Zealand – and well beyond.

Iona girls remain steadfastly connected to their school and their many Iona sisters.

The Iona Old Girls’ Association is an important part of life after Iona, providing a link for past pupils to maintain contact with each other – no matter where they are in the world – and to cherish and enhance the traditions of Iona.


The Association aims to reach out to an increasing number of our Old Girls and increase our membership network. We encourage our graduate students to become Life Members. We also encourage branches who haven’t met for a while to hold a gathering of some kind. We will also be encouraging members, where there isn’t a branch, to endeavour to start one.

On joining the Association you are presented with an IOGA badge, and will receive our annual newsletter and other relevant IOGA information, e.g. upcoming events.

Please send us any news of yourself or other Old Girls that you would like included in the newsletter, e.g. births, marriages, deaths, what you are doing and your family news. We look forward to hearing from you.

2019 IOGA Committee


Maryanne Robertson (Leicester)
Havelock North
Phone: 021 672 460
Email: maryanne.robertson@xtra.co.nz

Vice President/Treasurer

Shona Devescovi (MacLeod)
Phone: 027 230 1800
Email: shonadevescovi@smacbus.com


Paula Richardson
Phone: 06 870 6966
Email: antony_paula@xtra.co.nz


Sally Cranswick (Goldstone)
Cathy Blake (MacKenzie)
Barbara Laracy (Nisbett)
Jodie Lachmund (Robertson)

Pip Thompson
Kate Bates (Apatu)
Poppy Kittow (Ebbitt)

Joanna Ebbett (Kohn)
Gemma Donovan (Wynne-Lewis)
Sue Wilson (Gordon)

IOGA Branch Contacts


Debbie Harris
Phone: 021 630 927
Email: ioga.auckland@gmail.com

Bay of Plenty

Di Carter
Phone: 07 552 5518
Email: dizzy@xtra.co.nz

Jaye Clarke
Phone: 07 576 0494
Email: syntga@xtra.co.nz


Rose Brodie
Phone: 06 328 2868
Email: dw.rabrodie@inspire.net.nz


Anne Velvin
Phone: 07 377 2922
Email: ragevelvin@xtra.co.nz


Andrea O’Brien
Phone: 027 496 6337
Email: andi@paterangi.school.nz


Sue Wilson
Phone: 06 838 7823
Email: sue@smwdesign.co.nz

Reminder to all Old Girls

Please keep in touch with us and we will keep you in touch with each other.